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Advantages of outsourced O&M for solar plants

Systematic operation and maintenance of solar power plants are critical in ensuring that the plants perform to the best of their designed parameters, delivering maximum uptime and generation.

Outsourcing of O&M for your solar power plant provides multiple advantages to the customer:

  • Allows you to focus on your core business and reap the benefit of low-cost power
  • Guarantees system availability and response time
    Facilitates real time monitoring and analysis of plant performance
  • Provides access to the knowledge base of O&M contractor developed by serving multiple plants

The building blocks of a good O&M service are regular monitoring and analysis, preventive maintenance practices and rapid trouble shooting.

Thermax solar power plants are provided with remote monitoring system that provides continuous plant performance parameters and minimises person dependency by generating data on failures modes, types and details of equipment/components that need preventive maintenance.
Preventive maintenance helps to keep the plant running by minimising avoidable downtime. A planned schedule of comprehensive preventive maintenance practices can reduce the dual loss of unplanned downtime and repair costs. Thermax supports customers with a standard operating procedure for preventive maintenance which includes type of inspection, type of maintenance, frequency of the inspection/maintenance and other crucial aspects.

In case of an unplanned breakdown, it is essential to respond quickly to resolve the failure and restore regular operation of the plant. The speed of response depends on the availability and strength of a dedicated service team as well as an established network of associates who can reach the customer on demand. With its dedicated O&M team and country wide dealer network, Thermax can promptly address any plant breakdown.

Thermax has built a competent team for maintenance of rooftop solar plants and provides regular trainings through the experts. Major maintenance activities of the solar plant are

  1. Ensuring safety equipment are in place and are in good condition
  2. Regular cleaning of glass of the solar PV modules during low/no sunshine hours
  3. Checking components for higher temperature conditions
  4. Checking earth resistance
  5. Checking for cable terminations
  6. Cleaning inverter filters and LT panels

All the above activities are scheduled under preventive maintenance and are important not only for smooth operation of the plant but also to ensure safety of the plant, uptime, and better performance. Any laxity in proper maintenance can impact the plant in multiple ways. For example,

  • dust accumulated on the modules will reduce the DC power leading to reduction in solar generation
  • non-usage of proper cleaning kit will lead to scratches on glass of the modules
  • frequent ground faults may be observed in case of higher earth resistance values
  • loose terminations/non cleaning of inverter fans may result in local heating and may damage the equipment/component
  • excessive consumption of water while cleaning will lead to wastage of natural resource

Thermax provides tailormade O&M solutions to customers with the flexibility to choose from

  1.  Annual Maintenance Contracts
  2.  Operation & Maintenance
  3.  Remote Service Support

As an O&M service provider with EPC background, Thermax has the strong engineering expertise to tackle any technical issues and the procurement strength to engage with various OEMs for spares and warranty issues. Further, our design team ensures that O&M requirements are addressed right at project conceptualisation stage for easy maintenance.

Do You Know?

  • do-you-know
    1876 – W. Adams discovers that selenium produces electricity when exposed to sun

  • do-you-know
    1883 New York inventor Charles Fritts created the first solar cell

  • do-you-know
    1905 albert einstein discovered electrons can liberated from metal by exposure to sun

  • do-you-know
    in 1981 jan czochralski grows the first single crystal silicon

  • do-you-know
    First photovoltaic cell created in bell laboratories

  • do-you-know
    1 kwp solar system plant generate 1460 unit of electricity

  • do-you-know
    1 kwp solar system plant uses 70 sq feet shadow free area

  • do-you-know
    1 kwp solar pv power plant reduces 1.46 tons c02 per year

  • do-you-know
    Their are some factors that affecting solar plant location – Orientation, Panel efficiency, Temperature

  • do-you-know
    Their are some factors that affecting solar plant location – Orientation, Panel efficiency, Temperature

  • do-you-know
    The lifespan of solar pv module is up to 25 years

  • do-you-know
    PID Is undesirable phenomenon that occurs when modules voltage potentials and leakage current drive ion mobility within the module between the semiconductor material and other elements of the modules

  • do-you-know
    We can prevent mitigate or repair pid effect with direct grounding by dc navigation polarity, virtual grounding, imposing reverse voltage