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Operation & Maintenance (O&M) is one of the most critical ways to ensure that the solar power system gives the best possible generation. You need to ensure the effective operation and maintenance is carried out regularly.

Having a knowledge base covering all aspects of solar power maintenance & PV plant operations – our experts have an unparalleled track record of monitoring & managing solar projects across various locations.

General Check While Operation & Maintenance

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    There is no roof clogging or water polling

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    There is no ground erosion at the base of ground mounted system

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    Electrical enclosures are only accessible to authorized personnel

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    There should be no debris in the inverter pad area or elsewhere

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    No loose hanging wires in the array

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    There should be no signs of animal infestation under array

Our services portfolio

PV Module

Modules need most preventive maintenance.

Cleaning is carried out in fortnightly basis (In morning 6 AM or Evening 8 PM)

Good quality brushes without hard bristles need to be used for cleaning to prevent damaging the glass surface

Post wash the modules are wiped dry to ensure no stains remain.

Caballing connector

Ensure there is no gap between the male and female connector pipes, thus eliminating any changes of accidental fire.

Protection from external Elements

To ensure smooth working of the plant, it needs to be sealed properly from the environment.


A service is carried out monthly basis as opposed to the recommended quarterly maintenance as there is more dust in india.


Parameters like operating temperature, oil temperature, winding temperature, and oil level are monitories daily

The Transformer must be thoroughly cleaned every six month.

An IR test and yearly cable check is conducted to study transformer performance.

Remote monitoring

A solar power plant constantly needs to be monitored to detect breakdowns and optimize its operation.The same function could be performed either on-site or remotely wherein we retrieve all the data either from the inverter or from communicating equipment (probes, meters etc.).